Bangsamoro Lunch & Lecture At Chef Jessie's Place

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BANGSAMORO Lunch & Lecture at Chef Jessie’s Place

In support of the first ever "Filipino Food Month", the Culinary Historians of the Philippines (CHOP), will dive deeper into the food and culture of its Moro brothers and sisters. On April 13th (Saturday), 11am-3pm at Chef Jessie’s Place, CHOP will have a BANGSOMORO Lunch and Lecture by Datu Shariff Pendatun III, a corporate chef, a prolific writer, and a descendant of both the pre-Islamic rajahs of Buayan in Mindanao and of the Maguindanao’s first sultan, Shariff Muhammad Kabungsuwan—an Arab-Malay prince who brought Islam to Mindanao in the 15th century.

CHOP President Clang Garcia, has been spending time in Mindanao to research on her next book.  Her journey resulted to sheer fascination by the richness of its culture, and thought that the destination is totally misunderstood. She expounded, “It has been a moving experience for me when I visited the Muslim Mindanao areas, and my heart was bursting with pride, joy, and enlightenment.  It is my earnest desire to share that joyful experience through education and flavors. If I cannot convince people to go to Muslim Mindanao, I will bring Muslim Mindanao to Manila.”

In collaboration with Datu Shariff Pendatun III, he came up with a luncheon theme, “Rethinking Links: The Coconut Cuisines of Muslim Mindanao.”  In conceptualizing for this historical event, he shares that, “To the rest of the Philippines, Muslim Mindanao is imbued with obscurity. The religion on its surface, Islam, is feared and misunderstood; the underlying spirituality of her people—even more secluded. Its cultures are fetishized as costume and comestible, often without scrutiny of intricacies.”  

He beams with passion for his origin and uttered, “Ignorance of the unknown breeds fear. This fear can be fueled through by rethinking links the rest of the country has with Muslim Mindanao.  Food is one such link. Through food, we discover that the similarities we share run deeper than the differences.”

Chef Jessie Sincioco is proud to take part in this epic event and interpret the heritage dishes of Muslim Mindanao, as follows:



Inaluban a Haruan—Maranao

Snakehead fish in coconut milk and sweet potato leaves

Urang Piyaren—Maranao

Crawfish with coconut meat sautéed in turmeric and chili

Lininggil a Kambing—Maguindanaon

Chevon with roasted coconut 


Agar agar seaweed with green mango and roasted coconut


Chicken cooked in burnt coconut milk


Saba plantains in coconut cream

CHOP honors Proclamation 469, declaring April of every year, as “Buwan ng Kalutong Pilipino” or “Filipino Food Month”.  This year is a momentous event and CHOP is proud to be a part of history, and reinforce its manifesto to promote and preserve the history and heritage Philippine cuisine and culinary traditions.

The package cost for BANGSAMORO Lunch and Lecture is P2,500 for CHOP members and P3,000 for non-members. It will be on 13 April 2019 (Saturday), 11am-3pm at Chef Jessie’s Place located at #1997 Pililia St. cor. Obrero and Tanay Sts., Brgy. Valenzuela, Makati City. 

For more details, please email or visit the Facebook page CHOP (Culinary Historians of the Phil.)