Chef Jessie's Place

After decades of preparing meals for her catering business in different kitchens, Chef Jessie Sincioco now has a new and permanent “home” in Makati. Aptly named Chef Jessie’s Place, the newly constructed five-story building is situated along Obrero Street (between Pililla and Tanay Streets) in Barangay Valenzuela, Makati.

Apart from functioning as the central kitchen for all her catering events, Chef Jessie envisions the place as an events venue, as it houses on the third floor the Events Hall that could sit up to 200 persons. The two rooms at the mezzanine are open for small, intimate parties, including product launches, baptism, and even small wedding parties. Chef Jessie’s Place also houses her company’s offices on the fourth floor as well as a pastry and coffee shop on the ground floor. A roof deck on the fifth floor is another potential party venue. But what Chef Jessie is most excited about is the circular-shaped chapel adjacent to her offices. Dedicated to the Holy Trinity, the place of worship, which features a skylight at the center, was designed by the devout Roman Catholic chef herself.

The circular, glass-covered opening on the ceiling not only functions as a natural source of light, but also symbolizes, says Chef Jessie, God the Father, “who’s the source of everything.” A “Star of Bethlehem,” inspired by the original one featured at the Church of the Nativity in Jerusalem, also occupies a place of honor in the chapel. “We all know that Jesus himself is the Star of Bethlehem,” she says. “To complete the Holy Trinity, I will have an image of the Holy Spirit installed over there.”

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Chef Jessie Rockwell Club

With a refreshing view of the garden and pool, Chef Jessie at Rockwell Club never fails to deliver international cuisine at its finest. Dining at Rockwell’s premiere fine dining establishment provides you with an unforgettable sensory experience that starts the minute you enter the elegantly decorated restaurant and ends long after you take your last bite of dessert.

Perfect for parties and special events, Chef Jessie at Rockwell Club’s Main Dining Area is large enough to accommodate 150 persons at a sit-down event and 200 persons for cocktails. For more intimate affairs, its mezzanine level, comfortably accommodating 50 persons for a sit-down event, and 80 persons for cocktails. For more private functions, the venue also has a Private Dining Room large enough to accommodate 50 persons for sit-down events, and 80 persons for cocktails.

Rockwell Club loyalists have earmarked the Pasta a la Jessie and Pan Fried Goose liver Salad as staunch favorites. Capped off with Princess Carmen and Soufflés for dessert. The menu is rife with other fabulous dishes that are just as elegant as the surroundings. The choice venue of Ambassadors, CEO's, politicians, celebrities and a roster of very loyal clientele with impeccable taste to entertain dear family members and special guests.

Tel. No: 8890-6543, 8890-7630 (From 11:00 am - 10:00 pm), T/F: 897-7516, Mobile No: 09178585466

Our Admin. Office and Warehouse is located at:
1997 Pililla Street corner Obrero & Tanay Sts.,
Brgy. Valenzuela, Makati City Trunkline: 8254-0229 local 825