Papal Chef Serves Menu To Support Caritas Manila's Scholars

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The chef of Pope Francis when he visited the Philippines in 2015 continues her devotion of helping the Church as she creates a special menu set for two to support Caritas Manila’s Youth Servant Leadership Program (YSLEP) as part of the social services and development ministry’s 75 Days of Charity.

The proceeds of the special set menu specially prepared by Chef Jessie Sincioco will help sustain the Caritas Manila flagship program which focuses on supporting the college and technical-vocational education of about 5,000 underprivileged youth, mostly coming from the country’s poorest provinces.

Caritas Manila executive Director Rev Fr. Anton CT Pascual invites the public to experience the gastronomic creativity of Chef Jessie who served the Pope in his Papal Visit two years ago.

“It is my gratitude to invite the public and the faithful to dine with Chef Jessie’s restaurants. This is a blessed experience of tasting Chef Jessie’s cooking that Pope Francis enjoyed and at the same time be part of Caritas Manila’s 75 Days of Charity. Through this endeavor we could help send students to schools and achieve their dreams,” Fr. Pascual said.

Chef Jessie currently runs three restaurants, namely, Top of the Citi by Chef Jessie, Chef Jessie Rockwell Club and the Chef Jessie Grill at The Grove by Rockwell.

Among the recipes included in the special set menu are Chef Jessie’s Ciabatta Bread, Rolls, Butter & Special Dip which has been loved by Pope Francis and Rev. Fr. Anton’s Super Healthy Salad.

Tickets for the special set menu will be given by Caritas Manila to those who can make a Php 5,000 + 10% pledge and donation to its scholarship program.

In solidarity with Pope Francis’ announcement of the first ever World Day of the Poor in November, Caritas Manila is having the 75 Days of Charity. It started last September 5, 2017 which is the International Day of Charity, and will conclude on the World Day of the Poor on November 19, 2017.

Aside from availing Chef Jessie’s special menu set for the educational sponsorship by Caritas Manila’s YSLEP, one can take part in the 75 Days of Charity by filling can of charities. The cans are distributed this month and will be collected at the end of the 75 Donation Day Challenge. It can also be done by supporting the Segunda Mana Donations-in-kind program wherein pre-loved items such as apparel, footwear, bags, accessories, furniture, and appliances that just take up spaces at home will be sold at Segunda Mana Charity Outlets.

To know more about Caritas Manila, visit For inquiries and donations, please call our DonorCare lines 563-9311, 564-0205, 0999-7943455, 0905-4285001 and 0929-8343857.

Reference: Caritas Manila